Donna Riley

Donna Riley joined Stanislaus County government in 1993 in the Treasurer-Tax Collectors’ office as the Assistant Treasurer. As Assistant Treasurer, she managed daily cash and investments for the County until 2006, when she moved to the General Services Agency. She was elected Treasurer-Tax Collector in June 2018 to collect property taxes and other debts owed the County, in addition to overseeing $1.5 billion in short-term investments. Ms. Riley serves on both the StanCERA Board of Retirement and the Stanislaus County Deferred Compensation Committee.

Ms. Riley graduated from San Francisco State University in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Analysis. Prior to joining Stanislaus County, Ms. Riley managed increasingly larger cash and investment portfolios in private industry.

Donna and Donald Riley married in 1986 and raised their son, Thomas, who completed his master’s in computer science at Johns Hopkins University. Ms. Riley is a member of Modesto Rotary and serves on the Modesto Symphony Board.