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Disability Process

Basic overview of the Disability Retirement process.

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Divorce and Your Retirement

What StanCERA needs before a retirement benefit or refund is paid. (Domestic Relations Orders) 

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Employee Contribution Rates

Read more about our Employee Contribution Rates by clicking below. 

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IRC Section 401 (a)

IRS limits amount of annual compensation used to calculate retirement benefits.

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Leave of Absence

Find out how a leave of absence affects your service credit. 

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Pension Salary Limits

Find out more about Pension Salary Limits. 

2023 401(a) Limit Tiers 1, 2, 4 & 5

2023 401(a) Limit Tier 6

PEPRA and IRS Decision Trees

Guidelines for rehiring retirees.

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Purchasing Part-Time Service

See if you can use your part-time service towards your StanCERA benefit. 

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Find out what benefits you qualify for by staying in public service! 

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Reduction In Force (RIF)

Your options in retirement go further than your employment, read on. 

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Service Credit Accruals

Do you know how your service credit is accrued?

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Social Security Modification

How StanCERA pays this benefit without ever utilizing your Social Security monies. 

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First Retirement Paycheck

Schedule of pay dates for first retirement payroll checks.

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