Actuarial Reports

Actuarial Information, Reports and Employer Contribution Rates

StanCERA’s overall funding objective is to meet long-term benefit promises by maintaining a well-funded plan status through a combination of superior investment returns and employer and employee contributions which are both minimized and maintained as level as possible for each generation of active members. The greater the level of overall plan funding, the larger the ratio of assets accumulated to the actuarial accrued liability and the greater the investment potential. The advantage of a well-funded plan is that the benefits earned by participants are funded during their working careers and not by future generations of taxpayers. To help reduce year-to-year volatility in employer contribution rates due to fluctuations in investment performance, StanCERA smooths the calculation of actuarial assets over a rolling five-year period. This not only stabilizes contribution rates but also improves the ability of the employer to plan for possible future increases or decreases in the rates.

StanCERA engages an independent actuarial consulting firm to conduct its annual actuarial valuation.  In addition, triennially, StanCERA requests that its actuary perform an analysis of the appropriateness of all economic and non-economic assumptions. As a result of the actuary analysis, the Board of Retirement may approve certain changes to the actuarial assumptions.