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Disability Process

This is generally a lengthy process, don’t delay if a Disability Retirement applies to you.

Dividing Community Property Booklet

What StanCERA needs before a retirement benefit or refund is paid…

Leave of Absence

Find out how a leave of absence affects your service credit.

Purchasing Part-Time Service

See if you can use your part-time service towards your StanCERA benefit…


Find out what benefits you qualify for by staying in public service!

Reduction In Force (RIF)

Your options in retirement go further than your employment, read on…

Service Credit Accruals

Do you know how your service credit is accrued?

Social Security Modification

Find out how StanCERA pays this benefit without ever utilizing your Social Security monies.

First Retirement Paycheck

Schedule of paydates for first retirement payroll checks.