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What else does a Potential Retiree Need to Know...

First Retirement Check:

If a retiree is initiating an automatic deposit of their retirement benefits the first retirement paycheck will be a physical check. The second paycheck will be automatically deposited into the account detailed on the Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits form.

Retiree Pay Dates:

StanCERA retirees are paid on the first federal banking day of each month (payroll checks are mailed that day). This means that monies may not always be available on the 1st day of each month.

Retiree Payroll Changes:

All payroll changes must be submitted prior to the 10th of each month in order to become effective the following month. For payroll change forms please see StanCERA's website section entitled Forms.

Social Security Estimator:

For Retirees choosing the Social Security Modification Option please visit the Social Security website to produce your estimate. 

Important: Retiring with the Social Security Modification Option using the estimate a retiree provides to StanCERA is irrevocable. Please ensure all the information you enter into the Social Security Estimator is accurate.

Divorce Decree & Marital Settlement Agreements:

It is the potential retiree's responsibility to ensure that StanCERA has a copy of their divorce's Judgment and Dissolution of Marriage documents in their entirety prior to the disbursement of any retirement monies. Your employer is not required to forward these documents.

If a divorce's Judgment and Dissolution of Marriage documents require a Domestic Relations Order (DRO) StanCERA must be "joined" through the courts by the potential retiree and/or retiree's legal counsel.