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2015-2016 Contribution Calculator

(Based on the 2015-2016 Contribution Rates)

An employee's contribution is based upon their age at time of entry to the plan (within the closest 6 months of their birthday). Employee rates for each tier are split between a basic and cost of living (col) percentage amounts. Both the basic and col percentages are broken out further into two separate amounts. The rates are broken out this way because StanCERA retirement is integrated with Social Security. The first percentage rate is applied to the first $161.54 of the retirement eligible salary paid (based upon a bi-weekly payroll) and the second percentage rate is applied to the remainder of the retirement eligible salary paid.

Your StanCERA member statement lists your Plan, Tier & Age of Entry;

Step 1: Select your employer
  * If your employer is not listed, please contact StanCERA.
Step 2: Select your StanCERA Plan
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Step 4: Enter your StanCERA entry age 
Step 5: Enter your biweekly salary
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